Greenspring Carpet Source

Web Design and Development

Greenspring Carpet Source allowed us to make a majority of the creative decisions when it came to their website job. Greenspring contracted us to create a new website to help display high-end carpet they were selling from their boutique storefront in Baltimore, Maryland. They were constantly being asking "Can I see that sample online?". we knew exactly what the user was asking for. When a customer makes a purchase, it was either over the phone or in-store. We wanted to give those people at home a way to see what they were looking for way before entering the store. We suggested adding an entire section on education for the customer. Some people don't know that their Bissle Spot Bot is not a proper way to clean up a mess on a high-end wool carpet.

Knowing that they were constantly updating, we built the site with the intentions of handling the updates for a short period of time and pass over the reigns to someone on their staff. We set them up with template HTML pages, PSD's and a full write up of How To for the site. Before passing it off, we set them up with an SEO package that included Google Adwords, meta tagging and much more.

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